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Behavior Education Network member

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Certified level 1 Third Way Trainer

Certified level 1 Third Way Trainer

Training tips:

Read your dog and pay attention to the effect of your reinforcement.


Keep training sessions short but memorable.


Your reinforcement and your timing will affect the dog's rate of learning significantly.


In the end deference must be earned. Without it the handler will be limited in his/her ability to influence the dog's behaviour.



Our dogs are with us for many years. A well trained, well behaved pet is a pleasure to live with.

Promoting the development of a well balanced obedient companion dog. I provide in-home private instruction to owners and their pets in the areas of manners, obedience, deference and behaviour prevention. It is my belief that developing a dog in these crucial areas will lay the foundation for an unforgettable relationship between dog and owner.

Training In-Home. Although this has the added advantage of convenience and time savings for the owner, the real benefit stands out in the sessions themselves. The training is done where you need it, in your home and community. Often time is wasted on trying to transfer skills between teaching and living environments and it can be frustrating to struggle through setbacks on your own. It makes the most sense to teach the dog the necessary skills in the environment where they will actually be used. Behavioural concerns can be addressed right where they are occurring. Obedience skills can be mastered both in the home and out in your community. Etiquette/manners can be attended to with your lifestyle and expectations in mind. Not only are you providing the optimal environment for learning, your dogs personality and demeanour will also be more apparent in the comfort of his own home and this can shed light on ways to better guide and handle your dog.

One to One Instruction. This way the individuality of both dog and owner can be taken into account. Rates of learning are appropriate to the dog and handler; we will work at your pace on the skills that matter most to you. Training methods and techniques can be determined to benefit your training style. Your training comfort and abilities are also taken into account and I will work with you to increase your confidence and understanding. Even the instruction is modified to fit your personal needs. I can take you through the teaching process, coaching your training and handling skills, or I can offer direct hands-on instruction to the dog while you learn by observation. Once the dog has some understanding and success, you can step in and take over. I can guide you through or I can handle the trouble shooting and initial teaching. Either way you can enjoy success and increased confidence in working with your dog.

Flexible. Training sessions are based on your needs. You don't have to worry about classes conflicting with vacations etc... The training sessions can be planned around your schedule. The training itself is also flexible. From a one time visit to work on a specific issue to designing a full training and social development plan. I can provide you with the amount of support you need.

Personalized. Your training program is designed specifically for your dog and your family. Depending upon your needs, expectations and areas of concern, I will create a plan suited to your lifestyle and your dog. I also incorporate teaching and handling recommendations that will promote a stronger bond between you and your companion. Through deference, trust, communication and co-regulation, we work toward reaching your dog's potential.